Clairvoyant since childhood, Denise learned at an early age that there was far more to life than what meets the physical eye. Denise is a lifelong student of the esoteric, having studied with Native American medicine men and women, Coptic and Kabalistic masters, Spiritualist teachers and leaders in the field of energy and sound medicine from Europe, North and South America. 


Denise's clients come from all over the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. She continues to be a guest speaker at hospitals, churches, colleges, and universities, addressing professionals and students in various fields from medicine, psychiatry and journalism, in the matters of the Spirit and awakening to our full potential. 


What are the most common reasons people come to see Denise? 

  • Spiritual GuidanceOne on One Mentoring
  • Communication with loved ones who have crossed over
  • Discovering and communicating with Angels, Guides and Totem animals
  • Overcoming fear of the unknown Guidance for spiritually gifted children
  • Self Empowerment

20 Minute Reading (by phone only)