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Whether you are looking for one on one psychic development coaching from an experienced and authentic teacher or looking for spiritual insight for a specific area in your spiritual life, this is a perfect vehicle to help you accomplish either or both from the comfort of your own home and sacred space. 


With over two decades of national and international teaching to her credit, author and psychic medium, Denise Iwaniw, is now offering this unique opportunity to assist you in exploring and expanding your Gifts of Spirit under her skillful guidance. Denise will provide useful homework and skill training for you to continue to strengthen your abilities as a teacher, or spiritual advisor. 


If there are specific areas of your spiritual development that you would like Denise to address or questions that you would like explore with Spirit, there are several mentoring options available to further explore and expand your soul's gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and knowing

60 Minute Zoom/Phone in Person Session for Sept.

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