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Author Denise Iwaniw-Francisco and artist, David Fix, welcome you to the world of mythology and the ancient wisdom teachings contained therein.


Come soar with Pegasus and Fire Dragon, Firebird and Phoenix.  Explore the exquisite landscapes of your soul with Centaur, Sleipnir, and Yeti; and dive deep inside your psyche in the company of Mermaids and Mermen, Nessie, and the Unicorn.  


Through esoteric legend and lore, culture and traditions, explore the Spirit of Mythology Empowerment Deck with its 33 insightful oracle cards to more fully understand the tapestry of our origins and our soul.


David and I, along with our amazing editor, Nicole Fix, present to you an Empowerment Deck that has been designed to give you daily messages of inspiration and insight from our ancient teachers of alchemy and myth.


Mitakuye oyasin,


Spirit of Mythology Empowerment Deck

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