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These 33 divinely inspired empowerment cards with Angelic messages, contemplative thoughts and daily mantras from The Mystic Angels of Light are brought to you by Author and Coptic minister, Denise Iwaniw and Graphic Designer, David Fix.


d, the Angels appear to us in many forms.  For those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to feel, we find these Messengers of God, in all that we experience. 


After intuitively choosing a card, each Mystic Angel delivers to you a single word to contemplate upon in the silence as you gaze at its figure.  Within the Angelic portrait you will find an ancient symbol that helps to empower each card with ancient wisdom teachings.  Following the message from the Angel, you will discover an uplifting and sacred mantra that you can recite to yourself throughout your day.


It is with great pleasure and with joyful hearts, that David and I, along with the Mystic Angels of Light, and our beloved editor, Eunice Norwood, present to you an Empowerment Deck that has been designed to give you daily messages of love from the celestial realms and the Source of All Love.  


In joy,


The Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck

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