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began in earnest in 2012.  With the earth now experiencing fully the energies of Aquarius and the many gifts that the Water Bearer brings, David and I wished to bring to life the ancient mystery teachings of Egypt.  Some have even suggested that the teachings within these cards may very well reflect the wisdom of Atlantis and our Star Nations Ancestors as well.  I happen to agree.


Having visited ancient Egypt twice and reveling in the beauty of its people and the majesty of its antiquities, I have come to learn more deeply that the Universal Teachings of the Ancients do not change; it is our capacity to understand them that does.

It is our desire that The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck helps you to understand and embrace more fully who you are, and how the beauty of your self-realization helps to create a world that is made richer by your uniqueness and Light.


Let your Light shine,


The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck

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