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Private Sessions and Mentoring

A Seer and Sensitive since childhood, Denise learned at an early age that there was far more to life than what meets the physical eye. Denise is a lifelong student of the esoteric, having studied with teachers and spiritual leaders from North and South America and Europe.

Denise's clients and students come to her from all four corners of Grandmother Earth.  She is a sought-after guest speaker at colleges, universities, hospitals, and churches, addressing professionals and students in various fields from medicine, psychiatry, and social services, in matters of the Spirit and awakening to our full human and spiritual potential.

PLEASE NOTEWhen you schedule a private session with Denise, please come prepared with questions or with a specific area of concern.  Denise does not do 'cold' psychic readings and she does not use divination tools such as tarot.  

What are the most common reasons people come to see Denise?

·       Spiritual Guidance/One on One Mentoring

·       Overcoming fear of the unknown.

·       Guidance for spiritually gifted children

·       Self-Empowerment

Whether you are looking for one on one spiritual development coaching from an experienced and authentic teacher or looking for insight into a specific area in your spiritual life, this is a perfect vehicle to help you accomplish either or both from the comfort of your own home and sacred space. 


With three decades of national and international teaching to her credit, Denise King Francisco, is now offering this unique opportunity to assist you in exploring and expanding your Gifts of Spirit under her skillful guidance. Denise will provide useful homework and skill training for you to continue to strengthen your abilities as a teacher or spiritual advisor. 


If there are specific areas of your spiritual development that you would like Denise to address or questions that you would like to explore with Spirit, there are several mentoring options available to further explore and expand your soul's gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and knowing.

Please note:  Denise is now scheduling private sessions for the month of March 2024.

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